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Digital Discipleship 2024

March 9

How can you make a difference in a world that seems broken, where hope seems elusive, and faith is faltering? Amid this darkness, we can declare a message of hope. The gospel is a light that pierces through the darkest corners of despair.

This is an invitation to embrace a new era of faith and service, to become a digital disciple. In a world saturated with technology, we encourage you to use digital tools to reach people in your neighbourhood as well as places across the globe where the gospel has yet to echo. Be part of a collective heartbeat, a movement of people who seek to make a tangible difference. Through the fusion of personal touch and cutting-edge technology, we can fulfil the divine mandate that Jesus has entrusted us with.

The Digital Discipleship conference will guide and inspire you. It will help you connect with people in profound and meaningful ways.

Join us online March 9, for this conference. Where you can begin to learn about how to be a catalyst for change and understand the digital tools that are available to achieve this. If you are a content creator, a church leader, or a church that wants to be a light in your community, this conference is for you. Help others meet Jesus and find hope through your content. Register now so you can be part of this special event.