Empowering Spiritual Connection through Media

Adventist use Media to illuminate the path to spiritual growth, uniting innovative digital outreach with the timeless quest to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33 KJV), nurturing minds, hearts, and communities in faith.”

Adventist Media

Serving as a central hub for spiritual enrichment and education, Adventist Media delivers a diverse range of content that inspires faith, engages the intellect, and connects communities, all grounded in the Adventist tradition.

Studio 91

The production heart of Adventist media, Studio 91 crafts high-quality visual and audio content that captivates and informs, harnessing the power of media production to tell compelling stories of faith, hope, and community.


Embracing the digital revolution, Digital Discipleship creates interactive and engaging platforms to foster an online community of believers, encouraging spiritual growth and active learning in the digital space.


MyEdge Magazine is a vibrant publication designed to engage young minds with thought-provoking articles, creative expression, and contemporary issues, all from a perspective that values wisdom, faith, and discovery in the journey of learning.


Broadcasting hope and inspiration, Faith FM is a network of Christian radio stations offering uplifting music, thoughtful dialogue, and programs that delve into faith, wellness, and community connections.


Dedicated to deepening biblical understanding, the Hope Bible Study Centre offers resources and study programs to guide individuals on a journey through Scripture, fostering personal growth and greater faith commitment.


As a global Christian television network, Hope Channel offers a wide array of programming designed to share the gospel, with shows focusing on healthy living, bible study, and family life, all aimed at enriching the spiritual journey of viewers.


A collection of Adventist media resources, from YouTube videos to podcasts highlighting various topics around faith, the Bible, life and more. 

Signs of the Times

A publication of reflection and foresight, Signs of the Times delves into contemporary issues through the lens of faith, offering insights and commentary that align with biblical prophecy and encourage spiritual awareness in modern times.


Waymaker TV provides thought-provoking Christian content with a focus on inspiring spiritual growth and providing practical insights into living a faith-centered life in today’s world.