Education leaders plan for the next decade

Sep 18, 2022 | News

For the first time in 10 years the AUC conducted an education consultation which invited leaders from various ministries including chaplains, education directors, ministry conference officers, board chairs, principles and conference officers to take part in discussing the future of Seventh-day Adventist Education. Held at the Foothills Conference Centre, nearly a hundred attendees were gathered for three days to reflect on the last decade and plan for the next 10 years.

Doctor David McClintock Director of Adventist Education for the South Pacific Division said, “Education consultation 2 has provided direction into the next decade. A strengthened focus on Adventist identity. Affirming the role of chaplaincy. Closer collaboration and investment between church and school.”

Education Consultation 2 was focused on two of the four guiding pillars for Adventist Schools Australia – Adventist Identity and Systemic Support. Highlighting the need to keep the purpose, vision, and mission of our education system clear and strong during the next decade.

There were four keynote addresses from Associate Director of Education Jacques Calais, Ministerial Association Secretary Brendan Pratt, Director of Education Daryl Murdoch and Australian Union Conference General Secretary Michael Worker. After each presentation, attendees broke out into groups to discuss the issues presented.

17 recommendations were put forward including recognising chaplaincy as a ministerial calling, and providing chaplains with a clear pathway to ordination, the establishment of a national office which will oversee Adventist Education across Australia, a focus on teaching students skills that are transferrable and creating a community where our students, parents, teachers and leaders encapsulate the love of Jesus.

Doctor Daryl Murdoch Director of Adventist Education for the Australian Union Conference said, “There was a wonderful spirit of unity and common purpose at Education Consultation 2.  The agreed declaration at the end of the program was heart-warming for Adventist educators and read as follows: ‘Consultation 2 affirms the role of Adventist Education as an integral ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Further, we acknowledge that the focus of Adventist Education must remain clearly set on Adventist identity, mission and quality student outcomes. We look forward to deepening the partnership between our churches and schools”.


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