I AM Women’s Devotional

May 23, 2022 | News

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) launched the I AM women’s devotional at the AUC Executive Committee on May 12.

Inspired by the I AM affirmation cards which include inspiring statements such as I AM Brave, I AM Loved, and I AM Powerful, the devotional is set to challenge how women see themselves and encourage them to recognise what they could be when they allow God to transform them.

26 women from around Australia wrote a devotional for each of these statements, and each devotional is accompanied by a set of thought-provoking questions to help readers reflect on scripture and ultimately reflect on the I AM.

“We wanted to gather a collection of stories from real women around Australia,” explained Pastor Sylvia Mendez, women’s ministries and family ministries director at the AUC.

“They are mums, wives, daughters, and sisters. Some are teachers, some work in admin and some are pastors, there are a wide variety of women from various ages and at different stages of their lives.”

The honest and open devotionals will allow readers to see how God has led the writers through difficult times and how they have felt each of these inspiring statements.

“These devotionals allow readers to understand who God is through these statements and who we are through these statements,” added Pastor Mendez.

“Can I say that I AM Patient? I AM Beautiful? I am Powerful? and actually believe it? This devotional takes the reader on a deeper journey to realise that although we may not always feel these things, when we lean into God, we can become these things.”

The I AM women’s devotional is available to purchase at Adventist Book Centres and can be purchased online here.


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