I Will Go Ride

Apr 25, 2022 | News

Next month, Pastor Michael Worker, secretary of the AUC, will be joining 7 individuals from Australia, America, and Vietnam and cycling over 1600KM from Washington D.C. to the General Conference in St Louis to promote the I Will Go message.

Pastor Worker started cycling as a way to clear his mind and maintain being active during COVID lockdowns and is now looking forward to this exciting challenge.

“I never thought that riding would be an activity I would really enjoy,” explained Pastor Worker, “but from the moment I started, I haven’t looked back.”

“It has allowed me to not only be more active but to cut off from the world, allowing me to focus on nature, spending time in prayer and reflection and when riding in groups, creating relationships with my fellow riders.”

Relationships and connecting with people are what inspired the I Will Go Ride.

In the late 1800s Phillip Reekie, a literature evangelist, used a bicycle as his mode of transportation to share the good news of Jesus.

He played a pivotal role in the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia and changed many lives.

One of these lives was that of Tom Kent, who purchased a copy of The Great Controversy from PhillipHe, along with his eleven children were baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Tom continued to share the book and the news about Jesus to friends and neighbours, which has resulted in over 20,000 people giving their lives to God, all from one literature evangelist on a bicycle.

Pastor Anthony Kent, associate ministerial secretary of the General Conference, and Rob Hansford, elder at the Eight Mile Plains Church, are great-grandsons of Tom Kent and they will be taking part in this ride.

“Having Anthony and Rob riding beside us will be a great reminder of why we are doing such an intense ride,” said Pastor Worker, “they are part of history and the amazing outcome from one literature evangelist sharing Jesus with a stranger.”

The bike ride will be completed over 15 days, with the toughest being day 3, which will include 195km of riding with almost 4000m elevation.

The ride will begin on May 22 and updates of the journey will be shared on the I Will Go Ride website iwillgoride.org  and social media pages Facebook or Instagram

We would ask that you support these eight riders by keeping them in your prayers and sending them messages of support.

We pray that you will be inspired by their ride and start your own journey by saying I Will Go.


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