New prayer devotional encourages readers to “connect” with God

Mar 25, 2024 | News

The personal ministries department of the Australian Union Conference (AUC) launched a new devotional book on March 13. 

Dare to Connect with God is the first in the new Dare to Connect series compiled by personal ministries director Pastor Nicu Dumbrava. This book can be used as a personal study journal, small group resource or discussion guide. 

The book is a series of devotionals about prayer written by various people from across Australia. Each devotional ends with a series of questions that encourage the reader to go deeper in their spiritual walk with God. 

Personal Ministries Director pastor Nicu Dumbrava said, “This book is a call to unity in prayer of faith for every believer as we ‘renew’ the Advent movement in Australia. The beauty of prayer lies in its individuality.”

Pastor Dumbrava explained that everyone has a distinct way of conversing with God, shaped by their circumstances, needs, or messages they wish to convey. “This little book, will encourage them to dive into scripture and explore 13 significant forms of prayer, while highlighting the diverse ways we can connect with God.”

“The story, as told in the book of Acts, speaks of these ‘new’ believers leaving their prayer gathering, driven, and empowered, sharing their message of Jesus far and wide,” Pastor Dumbrava added.

Dare to Connect with God is available to purchase from your local Adventist Book Centre. 

The original version of this article was published in the Record.


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