AUC launches new study guide

Nov 30, 2022 | News

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) launched What Else Do You Think an interactive journal and study guide at the AUC Executive Committee meetings on November 23.

What Else Do You Think is the second volume in the new What Do You Think? series written by Pastor Tony Knight and is designed to complement episodes 14-26 in the video series. This book can be used as a personal study journal, small group resource or discussion guide.

The book covers a series of in-depth questions that explore various issues covered by the videos, prompting the reader to think about what they believe and encouraging them to make changes to their lives as a result of the discussion.

What Else Do You Think challenges the narrative that anyone who believes in a higher power is either mentally incompetent or intellectually dishonest by demonstrating that many intellectual giants from the world of science, literature, philosophy, and politics believe(d) in God and knew Him as their Creator and Lord, Pastor Knight said.

Pastor Murray Hunter, director of Waymaker Media Ministry explained, “These books look at each topic from the perspective of both detractors and supporters and convey what some of the world’s greatest thinkers have to say, and have said, on the topics and issues presented. Both sides of the discussion will leave you with the question, “What Do You Think?”

“The book encourages the seeker to connect with other people to continue their exploration, discuss any new ideas or unresolved questions they might have, and offers opportunities to reach out for more information,” Pastor Knight added.

“We believe this new book will be a valuable tool for those wanting to help their friends, family, or other seekers to find answers to some of life’s toughest questions about the devil, relativism, morality, justice and more. We are proud to add it to our growing stable of Seeds of Faith products,” stated Pastor Knight.

The What Else Do You Think? study guide is available to purchase online or in-store at your local Adventist Book Centre.



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